The Front Porch
Welcome To The Front Porch
(Kick your shoes off and sit a spell.)

Namaste and merry meet, weary traveler!

You've arrived at the front porch, a place to rest and talk of many things.
Imagine, it's an early summer Sunday evening -- supper is done, the floor is
swept clean and it's time to have a lovely sit-down as the sun settles lazily in
the west. There's a nice slice of homemade butter pound cake and a glass of
cool sweet tea to wash it down. As the warm breeze draws the scent of pine
and magnolia across the front steps, close your eyes and dream with me.

A Guide to the Pull-Down Links Below:

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Tarot
Tarot: What It Is, What It Is Not & Tips on Selecting an Ethical Reader

Rachel's Senior Portraits
Franklin Senior High School, class of 2003.

Seraphim's Crystal
Digital images of my most treasured quartz crystal.

Gateway to the Draconian Gallery
A collection of dragon images including a tribute to one of my
favorite television commercials featuring a beauty and her
dragon by the makers of Thermasilk Shampoo.

The Lair of LadyWolf
Spirit wolf, spirit woman, spirit sister.
Enter her lair with a soft step and a reverence for Nature
remembering that "...the wolves and the WolfWalkers are with
you always". ~ quote taken from "Walker" by LadyWolf.

Disney on a THIN Shoestring Budget
A former site of mine taken over by a fantastic lady.
Contains priceless hints and suggestions from a huge
group of Disney fans on how to manage a trip to the
Magic Kingdom on a very low budget (been there, done that,
couldn't afford the t-shirt).

Stay cool! Come again!
Blessed be!

This website was last updated on Sunday, September 1, 2003.

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